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Rif's Place, a Collection of Links

A handy collection of links to take you to other places, but remember no matter where you are, you are there!


Go ahead and dream the impossible dream, and don't let anyone or anything stop you, for to make it happen tomorrow, we need to dream of it today
Alan Rifkin
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Places close to home

FAR Laboratories, The best telescope systems, mounts and accessories
Electric Telescope Tour Can we visit you?
DynaPod, The best telescope mounts and accessories
DynaPier, The best telescope Piers, make your scope handicapped accessible
Dyna Rail, A way to mount your Telescope on a stump or railing
Piece Pod , The best Telescope Eyepiece holders in the world!
Helio Pod, Solar Finder
Dyna Raq, How to hold your Dyna's
Stump Pod, Turn a tree stump into a pier
InventionMart, Great inventions for Telescopes
My barn sale Some great deals on Stuff. You have to see it to believe it.
Tales of The Lazy Star Gazer
Flash Astronomy resources and tips for Grab & Go Astronomers and Star Gazers
Waypoint The GPS Waypoint Registry.
Rifkin Foundation
Pielock's Planetarium Repair
Junies Astronomy
Junies Planetarium Shows
Mooney Links of the STARS
Ivory Billiards
Lucchesi Billiards
Your IP address.
Razuma ?
Stan Fulwiler's Place
Seven Hills Mills Premium All Natural Bread Mixes, No more boring bread
Top of the Hill Cafe, Ice cream, Hot Dogs, Lemonade
Oxtails A Great Food Store
Papayas A Great natural Food Store and Cafe
Amherst Potters Supply
East Street
Jim Slawski CPA
Sun Coast Conversions
Jaguar V8 Conversions
Al's Tire and Auto Repair
Flood Plain Point
Dan Moraski
Bennie and the Jets An Elton John Tribute Band
Bennie and the Jets Mobi site
Strange Visitors
The Skid Marks
Changes in Latitudes
Changes in Latitudes Mobi site
Steve Kareta
MV Jewelry Martha's Vineyard Jewelry
Jeff Lane Photographs
Valley Planning

Handy Places

Web Mail
Web Mail and Email information
SMTP2Go Worldwide SMTP Server If all else fails, this will allow you to send email from anywhere.
The farmers market at Forest Park, was at the X
TV Guide
Google News
Drudge Report
Tower Theaters
Advocate Local Movies
Paypal How to send me money
Air Nav
Aero Planner
Postal Calculator
AP Wire
FAA Safety Stuff
World Aero Data
Sky Vector, VFR Charts
Astro dictionary
Passenger Briefing Card
Where the Mooniacs are
Crocker Communications
McAfee Virus Info
NASA's Mars Program
LA Times
Global Incidents
Maine Jeep Club
Maine Jeep Club Forum

Multi Media

Boston Public Library, Digital
Classical, list of stations
Beethoven Radio
Coupons for Netflix
The Archive
Google Books
Project Gutenberg

Fun Stuff

Violet's Summer Adventure
Violet's Spring Escape
Violet's Trip to See Stars and Stellafane
Violet runs off to Freeport
Violet gets a job
Denial is not a river
A Winter Get Away
The Enigma of the Stone Tablet
Kevin and Kel
La Cucaracha
2 Cows and a Chicken
Stone Soup
Klyde Morris
The Other Coast
The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee
Rhymes with Orange
Non Sequitur
Wizard of Id
Comics Kindom
Seattle PI Comics
Washington Post Comics
The Comics Page at Universal Press Syndicate
The Comics Page at United Media
King Features Comics
Joe Cartoon Home of the Joesterizer Frog Blender
Real Guide to Streaming Media
Live Cameras
;-) winipcfg.exeD and HSeneca DataCalculatorGo Daddy

Search Engines

IX Quick
Alta Vista
MSN Search
FTP Software Down load
Fast Search
Best Research sites
Wolfram Alpha
Government Search
37 Searches
Fast Search
Microsoft Find Fast
Net Guide Magazine
Web Crawler
Direct Hit
Copernic Meta Search Engine
Blink, Bookmarks
Helping Students with Visual Disabilities


Ventu Sky
USA Pilot Weather
Clear Sky Clocks
Accu weather
Dan Checkoway's Metar list
Dan's Free site
Av Digital Data Service
10 forecasts
Accuweather matrix
Space Weather
CNN Business Traveler's Advisory
NOAA Weather
NWS Boston
NWSFO Albany
More Weather
Mount Washington

Phone Books

People by name
People 14
ATT Any Who
Area Code Map

Finding Lost Stuff

Fed X
Snail Express Mail
Airborne Express


Aviation Medicine
Mayo Clinic
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Inteli Health
All Health
E Health Medicare
1 Up Health
CBS Healthwatch
Dr. Koop
Web MD
Drug Lookup
Find a Doctor
Find a Dentist
Aging Well
Material Safety Data Sheets
Chemical Finder
Poison Control Center
Medical Register, for medical supplies


Verizon Unwired
AG Edwards
Dow Jones
Merrill Lynch
Kitco Gold
Gold Eagle
E Trade
Nation Ass of Securities Dealers

Travel and Airlines

Travelocity (saber)
Travel City
Fare Compare
Delta Airlines
Untied Airlines
United Airlines
Air France
Sky High Airlines
Allergy Saafe Travel info Directory
State Department Travel Info
State Department Travel Warnings
CDC Travel Info
WHO Travel Info
Cruise Seach engine
Mexico Vacation Information
Packing lists for trips
Health Problem Map
Fantasy Travel, if you are going to Greece, you need a Greek travel agent. This one is the best.
Matt Barrett's Greek Travel Guides
Santorini Hotels,
Jet Charters
traveling with Kids
Safer Travel for people with Allergies
Travel Guard Travel Insurance
Travel Quest
Flight Aware, Tracking and charts
American Airlines
Air Canada
Trip Buzz events near your destination
Insel Air
CanJet Airlines
Druk Air The only way to get to Bhutan
American Express
BDL Airport
Helpful Travel Tools
Seat Guru
Travel Zoo

Astronomical Stuff

FAR Laboratories, The best telescope systems, mounts and accessories
Electric Telescope Where to get one.
Lyra DDMS Where to get the coolest mount available.
DynaPod, The best telescope mounts and accessories
Stump Pod, A way to mount your Telescope on a stump or railing
Piece Pod , The best Eyepiece holders in the world!
Helio-Pod , Solar Finders for your telescope, how else are you going to find the sun?
InventionMart, Great inventions for Telescopes
Tales of The Lazy Star Gazer
Flash Astronomy resources and tips for Flash Astronomers and Star Gazers of the STARS
Arunah Hill Natural Science Center
Astronomy Association
NERAL, North East Region of the Astronomical League
Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
Dyna-Pod, My design of light weight Tension Leg Tripods
Astro dictionary
Pielock's Planetarium and Collectors Resource
Junies Astronomy
Universal Astronomics, Binocular and Telescope Mounts
The Astronomy Shoppe, Astro-Glow and Unitron Parts
Willmann-Bell, Astronomy Books
Astronomers Without Borders
DayStar Solar Filters Best way to see the Sun
Spectrum Telescope Solar Filters
Howie Glatter's Collimators and lasers
Sky and Earth Science
Tele Vue Optics
Orion Telescopes
Astro Surfing Links
Astronomy Resources
Scope Stuff
Astronomy Technology Today
Sky & Tel Magazine
Astronomy Magazine
Clear Sky Clocks
Starlight Learning and News in Space
Kids Space Center - Telescopes and Astronomy
Astronomical Quotes
IDA internation Dark Sky association
The hidden costs of light pollution
Earth and Moon Viewer
Space Weather
I also have a Photo section with lot of pictures from astronomical events.

Satellite Tracking

Heavens Above
Dr. T. S. Kelso's two line elements

Black Sun Expeditions

2017 Eclipe in USA, August 21

Greece and the Search for the Antikytera Mechanism, 2009

Egypt Libya Total Solar Eclipse, March 29, 2006
And Egypt Tour
It was a great trip
Powerpoint intro to slide show
Slide Show of Expedition
Paul's Demo (quicktime 7meg)

Shanghai China Eclipse, July 29, 2009

Transit of Venus, June 8, 2004

Total Lunar Eclipse, November 8, 2003

Alaska Eclipse Expedition, June 2002

December 25, 2000 Eclipse Expedition notes

Feb 26 1998 Total Solar Eclipse Sailing Expedition to Guadeloupe
See most of the pictures
Log of the Voyage
Plans of the Feb 98 trip to the Caribbean
Itinerary the Feb trip
Path of the Feb. 26, 1998 Eclipse
Map of the Caribbean Basin
All The Technical details from NASA Tech Briefing
Basse Terre Weather
Carib Sat Image

Fred Espenak, Mr Eclipse
Jay Anderson, the Weatherman for Umbraphiles
Eclipse Chaser Glossary
Waiting for the Shadow
Eclipse Chasing with Maria Mitchell

Cruising World
A Place to find out about sailing stuff

Black Sun Expeditions preferred Vender link list

Northern Outfitters, arctic gear
The Moorings Charter Co., boats
Cabelas, clothing and camping gear
REI, camping gear
Gleason, camping gear
Penzey's Best place to get spices
The Epicenter, food and gadgets
Lumen Foods, soy based stuff. I love their Jerquee
Twilight Tours
Travel Quest

Rif's Digital Photo Album

All Images Copyright 1990-2017 by A. Rifkin. If you would like to copy these images for noncommercial application, you can do so, as long as I get photo credits. If you want to use any of these for commercial use, please contact me for arrangements. These images represent only a small fraction of my image library.
Creative Commons License
Content created 1990-2017 by Alan Rifkin;
licensed under a Creative Commons License.
         (style cribbed from jwz)
Antikythera Machanism and Greece Odyssey 2009
Work on the new observatory on Breezy Hill
Mooney Factory Tour 11-2004
BVI Expedition of March 2003
Alaska Trip, June 2002
Adirondack Trip 222 July 2001
Maine Trip
The Bearfest of Belfast Maine, 2000
Grand Cayman Island Trip
Santa Fe and Taos Trip
Hawaii trip
Zion Utah Trip Images(only a few)
The View from the back window
Another View from the back window
My two Favorite Ladies
The Graduate
Mom 77
Mom and Pop, a long time ago
My Cousin Eli
My Cousin Evan
My Cousin Evan 2
A nice place to visit on Martha's Vineyard
A nicer place to visit on Martha's Vineyard
My toy
My toy Box (my toy box goes in my toy!)
Mooney Ditching Video (30meg)
Mooney Ditching Video lower res (7.5meg)
Mooney Ditching Video lower res (850k)
The Spa Cat Baxter
The Cat 2
The Cat 3
Stellafane Images 98
Stellafane 1996, Pink House
Stellafane, 1996 Arunah's Fitts
Stellafane, 1996 Swap tables
Stellafane, 1996 John
Stellafane, 1996 Al & Ali
Stellafane, 1997 Swap Tables 6:30 AM
Stellafane, 1997 Swap Tables 10 AM
Stellafane, 1997 Everyone's Picture, Saturday Night
Stellafane 1998, Everybody's picture at the talks (900k)
Stellafane 1998, David and Bob
Stellafane 1998, Bob and the Kids
Stellafane 1998, Youngest Stellafaner (Michala, 3.5 months old)
Stellafane 1998, Swap tables, Friday
Stellafane 1998, Swap tables, Saturday
Stellafane 1998, A Satisfied Customer
Stellafane 1998, Is this the Anonymous Astronomer?
Stellafane 1998, The Stars, after a successful morning swap
Stellafane 1999, Everybody's picture at the talks (1.3m)
Stellafane 1999, The mood of 99, Rain
Stellafane 2000, Swap tables at 5AM in the fog
Stellafane 2000, Swap tables at 7AM
Stellafane 2000, Stella-Newt
Stellafane 2000, View from the Club House
Stellafane 2000, Phil Harrington, his Home page
Stellafane 2001, Everybody's picture at the talks (1.3m)
Stellafane 2001, Al Nagler and John Dobson
Stellafane 2001, The Pink Clubhouse
License Plates Seen at Stellafane 2001
Stellafane 2002, Everybody's picture at the talks (1.8m)
Stellafane 2002, Everybody's picture at the talks Hi view (1.6m)
Stellafane 2002, the Youngest Stellafaners ( one is David Levy's grand daughter ), Meet John Dobson
Stellafane 2002, David Levy and Carolyn Shoemaker with Violet
Stellafane 2002, Al of Yummy Vue and Al of Tele Vue enjoying Fig Newtonians
Stellafane 2003, Everybody's picture at the talks (1.3m)
Stellafane 2004, Everybody's picture at the talks
Stellafane 2005, Everybody's picture at the talks (5.1m)
Stellafane 2005, The Flander's Pavilion Arriving
Stellafane 2005,The new observatory nearing completion
Stellafane 2005, John Dobson- Blowing out his 40 inch Pitch Lap birthday cake's 90 candles
Stellafane 2007, Everybody's picture at the talks
Stellafane 2009, Everybody's picture at the talks
Stellafane 2009, Everybody's picture at the talks, including staff
Stellafane 2009, Everybody's picture at the talks, while shaking hands
Stellafane 2009, Everybody's picture at the talks
Stellafane 2009, Galileo and his hammer and feather
Stellafane 2009, Joe Rao recieves the Walter Scott Houston Award from Maryann Arrien
Stellafane 2009, Closing convention
Stellafane 2010 Everybody's Picture at the talks
Stellafane 2010, Sam Storch recieves the NERAL Special Service Award from Maryann Arrien
Stellafane 2010, John Bortle recieves the Walter Scott Houston Award from Maryann Arrien
Stellafane 2010, The Swamp Tables at 8 AM
Stellafane 2011, Everybody's picture at the talks
Stellafane 2012, Candles for Fran Flanders Taken by Alan Takeda
Stellafane 2013, Everybody's picture at the talks
Stellafane 2014, Everybody's picture at the talks
Stellafane 2015, Everybody's picture at the talks
Stellafane 2017, Everybody's picture at the talks
Stellafane 2019, Everybody's picture at the talks
Arunah Hill Days 2000
Arunah Hill from air Aug 97
Arunah Hill Days 1997
Arunah Hill from air July 99
Arunah Hill from Air, Collection
Winter Star Party 2007 Sunrise
Winter Star Party 2019 Before Sunrise
Rick Meets Tux for the first time
Tux gets the red carpet treatment for the trip home
HM 2
HM 1
Things to avoid hitting when flying out west
Jeff and Deb's Nepal adventure
Jeff and Deb's India adventure
The Labor Day Party's Un invited Guest
Dion-Gaarde Wedding Photos
I believe Star Parties can be held anywhere and at any time.
It is part of the Flash Astronomy Manifesto or should be
Ocean Star Party 2007
New York State Sheep and Wool Festivel, 2005
Tanglewood Star Party, 2010
South Hadley Farmer's Market , 2010
Amherst Common, on a sunny Saturday afternoon

Other Rifkin's, No relation to any of them

A. Rifkin Co. BagsA. Rifkin Company, Bank Bags
Alan Rifkin, author of Signal Hill
Brandon Rifkin's Badger Preview
Alan Rifkin, Lobbiest from Annapolis
Alan Rifkin, Writer of astronomy articles, Computer genius and Telescope maker- Wait that is me, and you are in the right place
R & A Mangaement, Rifkin and Assoc. Acquisition, Management and Cable
Jeremy Rifkin, political
Ron Rifkin, Actor


Belarc Advisor
Shelf life of foods
ZD Help Channel
ZD Drive Finder
ZD Hard Disk Help
Down Load PC Medic
ZD NT support
Ocean Data Equipment Corp
Live from the Western Wall
The Mooney Home page
The Mooney Junction Home page
Arul John
Mooney events
Babel Fish - translate sites & text
Computer Viruses
Computer Hoaxes
Computer Hoaxes and Viruses
Gibson Research
Movie Data base
Web Wayback Machine
Birthday Lookup
Parallel Bible
Periodic Table of Elements
N Number Lookup
Flight Tracking
Aircraft Registry
FAA Registry
NTSB accident database
Airport ID changes
First National Bank of Pryor
Common Errors in English
Patent Search
Welcome to RealAudio !
Speed Test Speakeasy
Speed Check
Net Check
MX Tool Box
Stroud's CWSApps List - Front Page
Tu Cows
Global Positioning System (GPS)
DeLorme Mapping products

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