Violet's Escape to Freeport

By now you have heard that after 5 straight days of snow storms, Violet took all of my cash on hand ( $3.87 sitting in the candy dish) and escaped to Freeport
Initial reports had her going to Freeport. We thought she was going to buy some nice warm cloths, so Diane was sent to LL Bean to look for her, but there was no sign of her.
Then we received reports of her being seen in Freeport Grand Bahamas, so Judy and I quickly booked a charter flight and flew down there.
We checked the International Bazaar, but just missed her.
But we kept looking.
We check the beaches on the north side of the island
We checked the beaches on the south side of the island
Judy even tried the water slide of the island.
We then got a call that she was going to Port Lacaya for the big new years celebration.
So we hurried over to the Port area and started looking for her.
A local told us he had seen her heading for Count Bassie Square,
but she wasn't there.
We went to one of her favorite restaurants, to see if she was there.
She wasn't, but we had a big batch of conch fritters, hoping she would show up.
Finally we got a call that the local police had picked her up, she isn't very heavy.
Took her back to our room.
And the next day we all flew home. To Umpteen feet of snow, and it hasn't stopped snowing yet.

The end.

But Stay tuned, as I am sure she will try to run away again, usually around the beginning of spring when she gets "Spring Fever"

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