Tales of the Lazy Stargazer

Volume Two, Number One

Antikythera Mechanism and a Greek Odyssey

By Alan Rifkin (The Lazy Star Gazer)

I love telescopes and computers, so astronomical computers really make me very curious.
There is one that has been found in Greece that is well over 2000 years old. I have always wanted to see it. The spring of 2009 seemed like a good time to do it, so we did. Another Black Sun Expedition, The Odyssey.
It took three weeks of running around to get the story on the Antikythera Mechanism. I wrote a lecture about it and did the first presentation at the Springfield Museum of Science on April 28, 2009, just a week after we returned.

Here you will find links to the lecture notes, pictures and audio recording.
You will also find many picture albums. There were just too many to make just one, so here are the categories. Click on any one to view that group, then return here to select another group.
So sit back and enjoy the trip, we sure did. If you want high resolution copies or posters from them, please let me know.

The lecture notes in PDF
The lecture images
The Antikythera Mechanism ( a separate part of the lecture)
The sound track from lecture ,a mp3 file, with 1 minute of dead time in the beginning
Postcards from Over the Edge
Sunsets of Greece not finsihed yet
Doors of Greece, I love taking pictures of doors, Greece is a great palce to do it, as they will put up a door and not even have a building.
Thera ( my favorite, Thera use to be called Santorini)
Super wide angle shots 1 Athens 2 Anthens 2a 3 Acropolis 4 Acropolis 5 Temple of Apollo, Naxos 6 Santorini 7 lookout 8 Athens Observatory Warning these are very big

Till the next time
The Lazy Star Gazer

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