Here are some images from the Arunah Hill Day's 2000.
The weather wasn't all the cooperative, it was hot in the days, and rainy in the nights, but for three hours Saturday night and for most of Sunday night is was reasonably clear.
Edwin Aguirre from Sky & Tel gave a great lecture on how the magizine is put together, and the Movies were fun to when you could here them over the sound of the rain. During the afternoon, the kids and some of the grown ups amused themselves with model rocketry.
Lot of other events happened also, including a special Memorial for Joe Perikowski

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Set up day
Valley of the Dob's
Our New 24"
Putting up the Fitz
Oh Steve, Where is the Objective?
Rocket Squad
T-1 and Counting
T-0 Ignition
T+1 Lift off
T+5 Look at it go!
T+30 In the Trees, get the chain saw
Saturn 5, Saturn 5!
Ready to go
Lift off of the Saturn 5
You will have to see the video of what happened! Come back soon when we have it up

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