Tales of the Lazy Stargazer

Volume one, Number Two


60mm. Achromatic Refractor
500mm. Focal Length
(This is not your regular 60mm Department store refractor)

This telescope is made almost entirely of LEGO Bricks.
The only non LEGO parts are the lens and the tripod. There are over 1000 LEGO pieces used in building this Telescope.
There are no Metal parts other then the tripod legs. All the parts are standard LEGO pieces except the objective lens, eyepiece, and the tripod base.
Only five of the LEGO pieces were modified. They make up the lens cell.
The finder is designed to be easily removable. All the other parts are removable of course, but not as easily.
There is no glue or tape holding it all together.

It uses standard 1 1/4" Eyepieces. Focusing is done by gently sliding the White tube in and out. Magnification is 20X with the 25mm. eyepiece on it now.

The purpose of this telescope is to show that your imagination is the most important ingredient in any new design and that even in a serious scientific endeavor like telescope making, there is room for a little whimsy. With this scope if you get tired of it, instead of storing it away in some dark corner of the basement, you can take it apart over and over again and make something else out of it!

Optional Equatorial Mount
Some Assembly Required

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