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The International GPS Global Positioning System Waypoint Registry TM

Building a World Wide Database of GPS coordinates

Our Mission is to have a web site where people can exchange information about their travels.

There is growing use of hand held and mobile GPS units. To help people use them and to share interesting places, we would like you to enter any waypoints you have collected. We also have helpful information about using your GPS and links to other sites you may find interesting.

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Lists of Waypoints
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Waypoints, By Area
Special Lists of Waypoints, Interesting collections of waypoints, not in the regular database
Newest 25 Waypoints
Zip Codes to Lat/Long Warning- This page is 9.4 megabytes
USGS Server If you are looking for USA National features, such as towns, mountains, lakes.

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Glossary of GPS and Navigation Terms
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Coordinate Translator and Datum Converter
Links to Mapping, Software and other sites of interest
GPS Satellite Status
GPS and Errors
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The spiders are getting smarter all the time. I have now replaced all the @ symbols in email addresses with ##, so just replace the ## to get the correct email address. If you know of a better method, please contact me immediately, thanks

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