Flood Plain Point

OK, a flood washed away the point a decade ago, but we still keep the name

What is this place

A private beach house belonging to four old Friends
It was originally a summer cottage for one of the local farmer's children. He built a whole series of them to keep his kids nearby but apart from each other, as each child got a cottage.
It was acquired in 1979.by the friends from two other friends who bought it a few years earlier from the original farmer's kid, .
The list of five who own it has changed in the preceding years, except for Rif, who along with Ranger Mike decided it was a real nice place to hang out, and who got Ken and Don to buy the place.
In the ensuing floods (in the flood of 1955 the water was over the roof) it was decided to raise the house up. In 1981 is was raised to its present height, and in the flood of 1984 there was 16 inches of water in the house.
At least once every year the water comes up under the house.

Where is the Place

Flood Plain Point is on Aqua Vita Rd. in Hadley Massachusetts
Aqua Vita Rd is just before the Calvin Coolege Bridge on Route 9
The place is about a mile down on the right side just before the road turns into dirt (Mud) by the last large tree (a Cottonwood, Populus heterophylla)
When Parking, make sure you do not block anyone else in.
TreeThe Tree

What's happening

Parties, any time you got time.
Painting and repairs
Just hanging out and enjoying the sunsets.
Hopefully we will not have any more uninvited guests like we did in 97.

The 40th Annual Flood Plain Point Follies 2016

Potluck Party, 3 pm till the cows come home
Potluck ( we'll provide dogs and corn, who know what else and grills)
Bring your musical instrument
Bring family, friends, neighbors, kids, neighbor's kids, food, drink, long sticks for roasting marshmallows, musical instruments, boats, water toys, bathing suits, towels, but no pets please.

Sunset at the river